So, my beta copy of Mailbox for Mac came today in my inbox. Mailbox started out as a free iOS app and it is one of the most used mail apps for iOS. It is also recommended by Lifehacker.

As soon as Mailbox for Mac was announced I signed up for the beta. Today the beta arrived and I love it.


In the email was a link to the .dmg. Also in the email was something called a betacoin. The app will only work if you have a betacoin.

The .dmg opened to reveal a beautiful app icon. Upon opening the app you are greeted by a screen asking you to log in via dropbox. After that it gives you the choice to link multiple email addresses via Gmail or iCloud. Then it asks for your betacoin.

Then the stunning interface popped up. The layout is similar to other Mac mail apps. The colors are beautiful and everything is easy to access. The first email arrived in my inbox. It was an email giving me three complimentary betacoins. Read below for a giveaway.


So, my first impressions with Mailbox for Mac are great. The beta is limiting in a few places, but runs smoothly and has a familiar interface. The three betacoins will now be given to YOU! Comment below telling why you like Mailbox for iOS or what feature of Mailbox for Mac you are looking forward to. Also leave your email address in your comment. Three commenters will be chosen randomly and announced Wednesday, August 27, and the betacoins will be emailed to them.

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